HeyHey Foodfarmfiesta

There is this foodtruckfestival in town called foodfarmfiesta. HeyHey Apps is present at the festival on certain afternoons to entertain kids with our amazing apps! Anyway. Last weekend was fun, hop to see you there next weekend. Maybe we will have some new announcements to make.

HeyHey Giveaway

HeyHey. Here is our little plan for the weekend. 

We are giving away one Everything is Nice kids t-shirt (sizes 3-8yo). 


Want to win it? Here is how. Like this post and share a HeyHey Pix creation. Make sure to tag it so that we can find it on twitter, tumblr, instagram or any other platform you want to use (use #heyheyapps or #heyheypix ). You can just mail it to [email protected] as well. 

No iPhone or iPad? No problem. Send us a picture of a drawing of how you picture an Everything is Nice world by mail and we will include you in the sweepstake. 

Deadline midnight Sunday 28th september. Winner will be announced next week.

HeyHey Bundle

As some of you might know, Apple just released the latest update to iOS, called iOS8. One of the new features of iOS 8 is that it allows app developers to offer app bundles in the App Store. An App bundles is a group of two or more apps created by the same developer that you can buy at a reduced price on the App Store.

To see what these bundles were all about, we created one called the Creativity Bundle. It is a Bundle containing HeyHey Match and HeyHey Colors for iPad. Each app separately costs $3, but you can get the bundle at $4. Yes. A great deal. Grab it right here and enjoy it.

Read more on App Bundles on the Apple site.


A while ago we decided to give HeyHey Pix away for free on the iTunes Store the first two days of school here in Belgium. Going back to school after summer is painful so we wanted to make the start a bit easier.


We had no idea what the reach could be or what to expect.

Our budget to spread the message: $25.

What we did. 

Our friends at Walkie Talkie sent a mail out to relevant on- and offline contacts in Belgium.

We created an image to post on our facebook page and Bue's facebook page, we promoted these two posts for $25.

We mailed a couple of friendly influencers (only a few since we just promoted the launch and did not want to spam them :) )

We posted the promotion on a couple of relevant websites.

Monday morning. Set and go. Only problem. Facebook canceled our promoted posts since the image contained too much text. Aaaargh. (images used in promotions should not contain more then 20% text, remember that)

Anyway, we replaced the image on our page with a new one and simply posted the link to the iTunes store on Bue's page (we didn't want to post two HeyHey Pix related images that fast after one another on Bue's page since fans of his street art are not necessary fans of apps for kids). 

As you may or may not know, this slowed down things because it takes a while before a facebook promotion kicks in. Finally we got everything rolling and we watched and learned.

As for the result.

HeyHey Pix was downloaded 19.328 times during these 2 days. 

Is that much? No idea. 

Our aim was 10.000 (which we thought was a lot). 

Number 1 market? China (over 5000 downloads).

Russia performed well, but as a general trend we noticed interest from Asia (Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Taiwan).

Most noticable tweet  (260K followers!)

Let's hope this is another step to spreading the HeyHey Apps and Bue love worldwide.

Thanks everyone for helping us spreading the message.

Stay tuned for updates and new apps.