HeyHey Bundle

As some of you might know, Apple just released the latest update to iOS, called iOS8. One of the new features of iOS 8 is that it allows app developers to offer app bundles in the App Store. An App bundles is a group of two or more apps created by the same developer that you can buy at a reduced price on the App Store.

To see what these bundles were all about, we created one called the Creativity Bundle. It is a Bundle containing HeyHey Match and HeyHey Colors for iPad. Each app separately costs $3, but you can get the bundle at $4. Yes. A great deal. Grab it right here and enjoy it.

Read more on App Bundles on the Apple site.

HeyHey Match

Today is a good day for a status update.

We have a new app. It's called HeyHey Match and it's amazing. It looks like a basic Mix and Match Puzzle but it is so much more. The aim was to create a family-focused app. An app that you take with you outside and that parents and children help building while doing fun activities.


The idea is that children (from 3 to 7 years) solve one of four included Mix and Match puzzles, once they solve them, they are rewarded with a screen that contains a Vine-like movie or a picture for each character they matched. We did include some defaults, but the whole idea is that you create these yourselves, so that your children can have fun with movies of people they know. I tested HeyHey Match intensively and boy did we have fun, creating these small reward movies. Hey, you can even download the masks from the goodies page. Sounds a bit weird? Check this movie to see HeyHey Match in action.