Privacy Policy

HeyHey, this is HeyHey Apps' privacy policy.

This privacy policy concerns all our apps created for children under 13 year old.

Contact us through [email protected] for any questions.

What types of personal information do we collect about kids?

We do not collect personal data from our users. Our apps contain crashlytics technology, which sends us anonymous crash reports if you experience a crash. That's it.

How do we use and share the information that we have collected about kids?

We don't.

How is this data used for evil advertising purposes?

It's not. We do not show ads in our apps.

How do we avoid our kids for spending all our money on in-app purchases?

We do not offer in-app purchases in our apps targeted towards kids.

How will I know if you change this privacy policy?

Send your email address to [email protected] and ask us to keep you updated.