HeyHey Bundle

As some of you might know, Apple just released the latest update to iOS, called iOS8. One of the new features of iOS 8 is that it allows app developers to offer app bundles in the App Store. An App bundles is a group of two or more apps created by the same developer that you can buy at a reduced price on the App Store.

To see what these bundles were all about, we created one called the Creativity Bundle. It is a Bundle containing HeyHey Match and HeyHey Colors for iPad. Each app separately costs $3, but you can get the bundle at $4. Yes. A great deal. Grab it right here and enjoy it.

Read more on App Bundles on the Apple site.

HeyHey Colors 1.1

We finally did it. We updated HeyHey Colors, our first app. The update is now available in the iTunes Store. HeyHey Colors is an ipad coloring app for children from 3 to 7 years old. HeyHey Colors 1.1 was completely reworked.


The list of what we changed is way too long, but the most important changes are: 

  • Ten new drawings
  • Reworked the interface to be more kid friendly
  • Twice as many colours, gradients and patterns

Grab it now, since we are offering it at a 66% discount to celebrate the relaunch. Enjoy.