HeyHey Apps is an app studio based in Ghent, Belgium. Our aim is to create beautiful iOS apps for children designed by talented artists (between the age of 2 and 12).



After meeting two graffiti artists on the bus back in 1991 who handed him a few spray cans, Bué got so hooked on the streets, he never stopped painting. Somehow he missed out on growing up and twenty years later he still does what he loves the most: adding colour and positive energy to places that need it the most.


Growing up playing games while everyone else needed to study mathematics, Pieter decided he wanted to create games. After 15 years of programming experience, he thought it was about time to take the next step and he is now writing he secret HeyHey code. Do not disturb. Master at work.


When Stefan became a dad in 2010 he wanted to offer his son something special, after talking to Bué and Pieter, they created HeyHey Colors. years of professional social media marketing experience makes stefan a digital whizkid that knows how to spread a message but also knows how to give a presentation or make files retina ready.

A team is not a team if you do not give a damn about one another.
Best of the Best, 80s martial arts film :)