Bue Book Launch Party

Last saturday there was this special event going on at KERK in our hometown Gent. Street Artist and HeyHey Apps’  creative mind Bué launched a book, about his work in the streets in the past 25 years. There were books, food, HeyHey Happy Nails, cocktails, Dj’s, candy, breakdancers, cotton candy and we had a booth as well.


When meeting our users it’s always important to give them something new to play with. So we had a demo version of our forthcoming app HeyHey Hurry with us. It was the first time we had it tested in the wild. The kids loved it, we learned a lot and it was a great day.

Stay tuned for more on HeyHey Hurry and make sure to grab your copy of Bué’s book, the book even made it into the news on national TV … uhu.