An app that knows what your cat is thinking. No really.


Cat Purrcognition

Telekitty is created for our little feline friends only. Telekitty contains real-time cat recognition software. Our Purrcognition technology is based on Support Vector Model by Vladimir Vapnik. Your camera now detects cats, just as the standard camera detects puny humans. Magical stuff.

Sticker Fun

Use the app and you get rewarded. We reward users with stickers to add this je-ne-sais-quoi to your snapshots. Stickers can be earned in the app or come with the additional packs as well. Think your cat is zen from paws to whiskers? Get the Zen pack and add bamboo chimes to your cat who is thinking 'the Mind is Everything'. Don't forget your yoga class.

Database of Cat Thoughts

Telekitty contains thousands of cat thoughts in different categories. We pick a cat thought based on cat personality, info from your device, the weather, breaking news, etc. Some thought categories are not included in the free version, if you want your cat to get all fashionista or naughty on you, you will need to buy an additional pack.


Telekitty is created by the same team that created Eva Mouton Pix, a number 1 overall paid iPhone app in Belgium. Illustrator Eva Mouton knows exact what catlovers are looking for and combined with Pieter and Stefan we create this funny app adding that extra layer of communication between humans and their little friends.



Telekitty is free and the free version should be fun. We offer additional purchases in the shop in the app that will take your cat pictures to a whole new level of fun and cuteness.