Watch a child's fantasy coming to life with HeyHey Pix

Wednesday 12 June, 2013 — HeyHey Apps - "Digital Toys that stimulate creativity"

Ghent, Belgium. HeyHey Apps launches it second app for children HeyHey Pix on iPad and iPhone. By creating HeyHey Pix, Stefan, Pieter and Bue allow children to bring their fantasy world to life and enrich their fantasy world.

In 2011, HeyHey Colors allowed children from 3 to 6 years old to color Bue's street art on the iPad. HeyHey Pix takes this to the next level and now allows the little ones to decorate their pictures using over 240 colorful elements all created by Bue's spray cans.

Kids can 'BUE-rize' their surroundings. 'Through the eyes of a child you see the world as it should be', and HeyHey Pix is trying to help. Suddenly the living room is covered with flowers, the cat gets a new moustache and a mask and an airplane is dropping bombs in the kitchen, bring a forrest to life. The app contains a number of sounds to complete the experience and contains face detection. Children can take a picture of their parents and the app automatically replaces the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the hat by a funny alternative. Addictive stuff.

The app was created for iPad and iPhone, but the iPad version contains a couple of pre-installed backgrounds created by Bue, that children can use as a template for their creations. After finishing their pictures, they can be shared through mail or shared through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

"HeyHey Pix was created for the little ones, but the whole family will enjoy the app" says Stefan. "The three of us have been playing a lot with HeyHey Pix! We think the instagram community and street art fans will enjoy the app as well. Bue's characters are so sweet."

HeyHey Pix is available on iOS on iPhone and iPad from june 28th or through Price $1 - 0.89 euro.

About HeyHey Apps

Belgian start-up HeyHey Apps is based in the beautiful city of Ghent, was created by Bue, Pieter Van Der Helst and Stefan Vandegehuchte - an artist, a nerd and a suit. In 2010 they ran into one another and the idea to bring Bue's amazing colorful world to the fingertips of children all over the world was born. Their mission: make children happy (and their parents as well). In 2011 they created HeyHey Colors, in 2013 they quit their daytime jobs and now they are releasing HeyHey Pix. To be continued.

About Bue

In 1991 Bue got his hand on a couple of paint cans. Since then he has been bringing joy and color in streets all over the world. His characters have been putting smiles on people's faces in Europe, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Thailand etc. Bue is working on different projects like HeyHey Apps, Toykyo Kids, Supremebeing, Lin Fashion Art Project and many many more colaborations with different artists.

About HeyHey Colors

An iPad coloring book crafted with the needs of 3 to 6 year olds in mind. HeyHey Colors brings the amazing world of Bue the Warrior to your child's fingertips. Unlimited possibilities combined with a straightforward UI that does not use text makes HeyHey Colors easily accessible to children.

Available in the app store for iPhone and iPad: