Belgian street artist Bue the Warrior releases iPad coloring app.

Thursday 30 June, 2011 — HeyHey Colors brings the colorful street art from Belgian street artist Bue the Warrior in an amazing iPad coloring app to children's fingertips.

Bue the Warrior's iconic figures have been bringing joy and color to cities around the world. Now everyone has the chance to dive into his amazing universe.
HeyHey Colors contains 18 drawings and 3 coloring modes.

Coloring Modes

The spraycan coloring mode allows freehand painting. Our fat-finger-reduction technology allows little warriors to color within the boundaries but still offers enough freedom to make mistakes.

The fill mode allows the little ones to tap around on the drawings and select one of the 21 carefully selected colors.

The pattern mode gives you access to Bue the Warrior's wonderful pattern library. Fill your backgrounds with these amazing patterns and see how a cute black and white drawing becomes an epic masterpiece.

Sharing and Saving
Heyhey Colors allows users to share and save their finished drawings. The little artists can send their artwork to their grandparents presented in a nice printable template. The only thing left for the grandparents is to cut out the drawing and stick it to the fridge.

Children can save unlimited versions of each drawing, we thought this was useful to avoid fights at home and angry mails.