HeyHey Match, a family-focused puzzle

The app that invites the whole family to go out and have fun

Friday 6 December, 2013 — Is it a smart puzzle app, a family-focused game or a colourful toy designed by street artist Bue? HeyHey Match offers the family a tool to get creative.

At first glance HeyHey Match looks like a basic Mix and Match puzzle on iOS. Offering 4 different puzzles, each more difficult than the other.

Children can match animals, people or colours. If they match the correct head, body and legs, the character disappears and his name is pronounced. Once they clear all characters in a puzzle, they get to a reward screen where they are rewarded for solving the puzzle. The reward is a short movie or picture that relates to the selected character. And this is where the fun starts.

HeyHey Apps included some default rewards, but the idea is that parents, together with their children, go to the sound and vision screen and replace these defaults with their own creations. There are pdf files available on the HeyHey Apps site that contain all the heads of the characters which can be cut out and used as masks.

Cut out the bear mask and go into the woods to record your little one roaring from behind the trees, or get him next to a police car dressed as Officer Butch. Jean-Jacques Patati can easily be filmed when you go to swim with the little one and who does not know how to imitate a monkey.

"While testing my son and I had a lot of fun recording Vine like movies at the swimming pool, in a medieval castle, at the zoo and in his weekly sports lesson. We dare you to do the same", explains Stefan Vandegehuchte.

All sounds in the app can be changed as well, which allows parents to transform HeyHey Match in an educational tool to practice vocabulary. Kindergarden teachers can build a lesson on HeyHey Match, stimulating the toddlers' creativity. The possibilities are endless.

3 to 7 year olds can then have fun seeing themselves and their family in the rewards screen.

• 4 great puzzles
• 27 new characters
• all artwork created by street artist Bue the Warrior
• fully customisable by replacing audio, video and pictures
• fresh music and sound
• kid-friendly interface
• time trial mode for advanced users
• no 3rd party advertising
• no in-app purchases

About HeyHey Apps
HeyHey Apps is a company building apps for kids founded by street artist Bue the Warrior. Our mission is to bring joy and colour to children around the world. HeyHey Match is the third release by HeyHey Apps after HeyHey Pix and HeyHey Colors.

HeyHey Match is available for iPad and iPhone running iOS6 or iOS7 and costs $2 or €1,79. Download the app here