HeyHey Foodfarmfiesta

There is this foodtruckfestival in town called foodfarmfiesta. HeyHey Apps is present at the festival on certain afternoons to entertain kids with our amazing apps! Anyway. Last weekend was fun, hop to see you there next weekend. Maybe we will have some new announcements to make.

Mister brick

There is this friend of mine, Jan. Jan has two sons and while his boys were growing up and playing with Lego, Jan got better at helping his boys building these Lego sets. Jan got so good in building stuff he tried building his own creations, large creations. When we released our first app, Jan discovered the work of Bué and noticed that is was well suited to build in Lego. Jan has been building great Bué and HeyHey Apps inspired things. Amazing stuff. Check these. BAM.

HeyHey Hurry launch etc.

What a busy week it was last week. We finally launched HeyHey Hurry. It has been quiet a project for us. Learning new technologies, working on new devices and throwing old devices ot the window. But hey, we released HeyHey Hurry last thursday. Closing a project is always the hardest part. Current status at the office: working on a new project. Yay! The idea with HeyHey Hurry was releasing a simple shooter for young children that was nothing but fun. Next project, an educational project. Sorry kids, your parents are paying your apps, we don't want them to get angry with us ;)


Apart from launching HeyHey Hurry. We also opened Let it be Playful in Ostend. An expo on the work of Bué with an interactive kid's corner by HeyHey Apps. If you are near Fort Napoleon, do not hesitate to drop by. Saturday 21st of february we will all be present together with friends who will be organising some great workshops for kids. Join us.

After opening the expo we went to see 'Bart en Siska', Belgium's most popular late night talk show where Bué was a guest, talking about his work, his expo and some live painting in the studio. Great experience!


Let it be playful

Ha. Winter is drawing to an end, spring is just around the corner. Time to come out those warm and cosy houses and time to play. Play? Have we got a great tip to play.

Visit Oostende, Bue the Warrior and HeyHey Apps are inviting you to join us at Let it be Playful. A colourful expo about Bué and his work focussed on kids. Drop by Fort Napoleon (14th feb - 19th april) and explore Bué's work, color his work, get hands-on with our apps, etc. Join the event on facebook to stay updated. Hope to see you there.