HeyHey Pix the Artist Series V.2

We finished our second Artist Series which we are releasing in the near future as a HeyHey Pix update. The Artist Series now contains stickers designed by 11 artists. Great stuff.

HeyHey Paintcode

We noticed that Paintcode is available in the latest Macheist bundle. Paintcode. A tool we learned to love at the office. Paintcode allows you to convert your vector data into code, and guess what. All Bue’s artwork is vector data. Most of the examples that Paintcode gives concerns UI elements but we use it for a lot of our artwork.

Some examples.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 09.33.19.png

In HeyHey Pix all stickers are generated through Paintcode and with a small script converted into scalable custom UIView’s. This allows us to make every sticker pixelperfect at any scale and HeyHey Pix (containing over 200 stickers + some sounds + example images) is still but 30MB. Win!

Or in our under-development-we-have-no-definitive-name-yet SpriteKit game, we use the generated code to create SKSpriteNode's, where a script extracts all the points from the code generated by Paintcode and creates a convex hull based on those points. Allowing us to have a very precise physicsbody without any manual work. Another win.

To create HeyHey Apps, Paintcode has become an essential tool.