HeyHey Apps Holiday Gift Guide 2014

All the hip kids are doing it, so let’s do this. The HeyHey Apps 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Note that it is strictly forbidden to read any further if you haven't bought all of our apps already. First things first ... done? ... ok ... carry on.

Takkyu High Tension Virtual Table Tennis

I am not sure, but Belgian hipsters tend to come late to the party and nowadays it is all about table tennis around here. No place to put the table, no worry. Our japanese friends have the exact solution to solve your problem. Meet Takkyu High Tension Virtual Table Tennis. 
Perfect for when you are desperate for a realistic game of ping pong but don't have a table or ball.

Available at japantrendshop.com.


Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Aagh the Holiday Season, candlelights, children choirs singing and families smashing each other in Super Smash Brothers. No company understands family gaming better then Nintendo and this season they are releasing Smash Brothers for the Wii U, the most anticipated game on that console. We are so ready. Children, wait for daddy!


Bué the Warrior

Not all small game studios can say their art director just released a book, not just a book, but a book with his name. If you are a HeyHey Apps fan you probably have your copy. But instead of buying that uncle a pair of socks this year, give him this book. A lot of colours and a lot of happiness packed in one great book. Beats socks.

Available from lannoo, bol and different amazon sites.


A Tee

It's always a good idea to buy someone a tee and we can give you some tee-shirt ideas for the coming holiday season.

Let's start with our own t-shirt for kids designed by Bué.


Then there is this colaboration between the great guys from the Cause I Need It and Nicolas Barrome.


If we find some more time the coming days. Expect some additional tips :).