Let's Play

Is it a smart puzzle app, a family-focussed game or a colourful toy designed by street artist Bue?

HeyHey Match offers a tool to get the family creative. 

(featured in the App Store as best for 5 years and under, Universal App)

An iPad colouring app created by a street artist? How's that for boosting your playground street cred.

Dive into the amazing world of Bue the Warrior with HeyHey Colors and splash colors everywhere.

(5 years and under, iPad only)

HeyHey Pix is a camera app and stickerapp created for children, allowing them to photograph their surroundings and add colour and joy to them.

v.2.0 - titled the Artist Series introduced stickers by 5 new street artists

(7-77 years old, Universal App)