Privacy Policy

HeyHey, this is HeyHey Apps' privacy policy for Telekitty.

This privacy policy concerns Telekitty.

Contact us through for any questions.


What types of personal information do we collect about Telekitty users?

Telekitty contains analytics. We track the usage of the app and crashes. All data is anonymous and is located on servers in the US.

We do not collect info about the users, we only collect data of the usage. How many people are using the app, what stickers do they love, etc.


How do we use and share the information that we have collected?

We hope that one day Telekitty will be big enough to attract sponsorships from brands. To measure how many users we have, we need to measure.

Crashlogs are used to improve the application.


How will I know if you change this privacy policy?

Send your email address to and ask us to keep you updated.