HeyHey Apps Artist Proposal


HeyHey Apps is an app developer working from Ghent Belgium. HeyHey Apps creates apps for kids inspired by the world of street artist Bue the Warrior.

HeyHey Apps has released 3 apps so far and is working on a fourth.

HeyHey Colors is a coloring book app.

HeyHey Pix is photo sticker app.

HeyHey Match is a puzzle app.

All three apps have been featured by Apple.

HeyHey Apps now offers artists the possibility to skin their own version of HeyHey Colors and HeyHey Pix.


HeyHey Colors

What we need.

  • a name for your app, keep it short (f.e. Bue’s Colouring Book)
  • an icon (you can use this template or provide us with a 1024*1024px icon)
  • 10 or more black and white (bitmap, no grey) colouring pages, do not use too much detail or small objects, here is an example file, preferably square images/ai files, 1400*1400px. When in doubt, feel free to contact heyhey@heyheyapps.com for verification.
  • 21 fill colors and/or 21 spray colours and/or 21 patterns you would like to use. Fill colours behave like the bucket tool in Photoshop. They fill a closed surface. The cans represent freehand drawing. The patterns fill the surface with a repetition of a pattern.
  • The symbol you want to use to represent your colours and patterns. This can be anything, but we should be able to color it in the different colors. Bue's version uses cans, hearts and flowers.
  • If you want to use one or more soundscapes to be used as background sound, you need to provide them as well in a common audio file format. 
  • Opening screen in landscape (2048*1536px) containing a start button.
  • We will provide the back and export buttons.
  • Background image (or colour) to replace the wood. (2048*1536px)
  • Download the screenshots of the different screens.
  • If you want to download the full version to your iPad you can always contact us for a promo code.

HeyHey Pix

HeyHey Pix is available for iPad and iPhone but we suggest that if you want to make your own version you make it for iPhone. HeyHey Pix is a typical iPhone app and is less used on iPad, but if you really want to run it on both devices let us know.

What we need.

  • a name for your app, f.e. My Stickerbook
  • an icon (you can use this template or provide us with a 1024*1024px icon)
  • The iPhone 5 shows 18 stickers at the same time. So providing us with minimum 18 stickers seems like a good idea, your page will be filled. More is ok, so is less. But remember, that when you provide us with 19 stickers. You will have a screen that contains but one sticker (on iphone 5). We prefer to receive the stickers in vector format if possible.
  • A background image or pattern.
  • When you start the camera, a shutter button is presented. When you take a picture the shutter closes. You can customize the shutter.
  • This template offers an example of the graphics we need (pdf that opens in illustrator).



Your app will appear in the Appstore under our account (HeyHey Apps). We are members of the apple developer program and this way you do not need to create an account yourself. Working in one account makes it much easier for us.