Bye Bye 2013

  • we quit our jobs and started working fulltime on HeyHey Apps in april

  • we finished HeyHey Pix in june

  • we gave HeyHey Colors a massive update

  • we had a great HeyHey Pix launch party in June

  • HeyHey Pix reached the second spot of top iPhone apps in Belgium and a number one spot in the Photo and Camera category

  • Over 1500 HeyHey Pix creations were shared by ‘children’ on Instagram

  • we released HeyHey Match in december

  • Apple featured HeyHey Match as Best for 5 years old and under in 18 countries

  • Bue the Warrior’s art is still the cutest street art out there

  • our HeyHey Pix christmas update looks awesome

HeyHey 2014

  • let’s start by wishing you all the best for you, your family and loved ones

  • we are currently working hard on our fourth app, not sure what the name will be, but our Facebook page gives you an idea of what to expect

  • more apps are planned, some special updates are planned

  • after each app we raise our bar, we are learning and everything we learn will be put to good use

  • we hope you enjoy 2014, make it joyful and colourful for you and your children


Now, let’s work and let’s get lost.

Pieter, Bue and Stefan